Founded in the year 2010, It has been our constant dream at RJS to create an ecosystem where we are able to bring the best of products from the far reaches of the world to our customers at the best value possible. We continue to serve our clients with this as our guiding belief every single day.
This Journey began with understanding the needs of the not so well served market segments where we saw a potential in fulfilling the unfulfilled demand by bringing products that matched the value expectations of our potential customers.
This has meant identifying top quality manufacturers who do not overprice their products but are willing to offer it at a fair price & to bring these products to the market combined with our dedicated service of delivery. This has helped us build a loyal customer base that helps us both thrive.
Beyond the products, it has required building a dedicated sales team that always strives with the mantra of keeping our customers first. We believe that a smiling customer is the best sign of our success.
Our focus has been on servicing the demand for Frozen and Chilled products in the Foodservice (HORECA) segment. We offer our products & services on the backbone of an efficient cold chain. Some of our key products include the Frozen French Fries & Potato specialties, Dairy & Cheese products, Sauces & seafood.
We continue to expand our services with identifying new products and adding them to our growing portfolio of products which always happens in close consultation with our growing list of customers. We look forward to continuing this joyful journey of bringing the best to the very best.


As per the expansion plan RJS Foodservice Supplies LLC added Bahrain as last milestone in supply chain network to have strong foothold in entire GCC countries. Headquartered in UAE Company has further plan to expand its strong foot print in entire MEAN region with its world class food products.

RJS Foods pioneer in foodservice supplies across UAE has developed mobile app to facilitate its commendable service to its esteemed HORECA customer base during normal days as well in unprecedented times uninterrupted. This futuristic & innovative mindset makes RJS a right contender to enter a Bahrain market with proven track record.


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