Need the language of your Lord for just what He’s told you

Need the language of your Lord for just what He’s told you

Judgment day & The nice Light THRONE From JUDGMENTUnderstanding that Judgment seat away from Christ is not necessarily the same at High Light Throne from Wisdom

Your investment teachings away from son that numerous provides sensed, since those who told you her or him were well-known or magnetic presenter s . Believe Goodness. Bring Him at His keyword. Because the abomination of paralyzing desparation is set up from inside the a forehead that is made in Jerusalem, which is the merely put it may seem at… then the poor tribulation ever comes. And you can but the lord slice the time brief, there is no one leftover alive in the world into the rapture. Here is the bride to be He is upcoming to have. Perform some body it’s think that just after 42 weeks (step 3 ? years ) of blasphemy and you can persecution, the genuine chapel away from Goodness Christ won’t have gone from the fire? Only misinformed or tricked somebody is miss the conditions regarding God regarding it. Merely true believers will continue to be devoted and just big people will choose Christ due to the fact industry develops dark. However, those who create, may be the church victorious and also the refined bride-to-be who can create herself able, also from flames.

He is coming to located unto Himself, a chapel, not that different than early church, that increased during the terrible times of persecution i’ve recognized up to now

ANCIENT JEWISH WEDDING CUSTOMS & JESUS CHRIST, HIS BRIDE, THE CHURCH Some of the correlations between ancient Hebrew wedding customs and the rapture. AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHTUnderstanding this idiom, its real meaning and how it correlates with other Scripture.AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAHTaking a deeper look at what Jesus said in this verse.CAN THE RAPTURE REALLY HAPPEN TODAY?When all the events line up according to prophecy, the rapture will happen. So what is left that is necessary for the Word of God to be fulfilled?CONSIDERATIONS FOR REAL REVELATION UNDERSTANDINGHelp for greater revelation understanding. CORRELATING ESCHATOLOGICAL OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT VERSES An incredible timeline showing 700 Bible prophecy verses, correlating Old and New Testament eschatological Scripture. EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS Taking a close look at what Revelation really means. ??EVERY EYE WILL SEE HIMJesus is coming for His bride. And He is not eloping. Every eye really will see it. The rapture will be a huge event.EVERY KNEE WILL BOWThe Father will see His Son glorified. The lost will not only bow but they will also confess He is Lord.IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYEOne of the most misquoted verses of all time. Consider this message & see the true meaning of this verse.SOME KEY? COMPONENTS ?TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION An overview to help organize one’s own thoughts. THE APOSTASY – THE GREAT FALLING AWAYMany people have declared that most of the world will turn to Jesus before the rapture. The Bible in 2 Thessalonians 2:step 3 says it will be more of the opposite that will happen.THE BIGGER PICTURE, UNDERSTANDING GOD, THE DEVIL AND THIS DAY AND HOURStop and consider the bigger picture and develop a strong stand for this day and hour.THE LAST TRUMPThere are many trumpets in the Bible. There are 7 special ones foretold of by the apostle John; but which one happens at the rapture?THE LAST TWO GREAT BATTLES BETWEEN GOD AND SATANSee the biblical truth that Armageddon happens at the end of the 7 years and the battle of Gog and Magog at the end of the Millennium.THE LORD WILL RULE WITH A ROD OF IRONThis article explains how the Lord will rule with a rod of iron.THE OPPORTUNITY OF SALVATION DOES NOT LAST FOREVEROnce the rapture happens; it will become a time of God’s wrath & all opportunity for salvation will be gone.

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