10 Interview Questions Youll Get for Remote Jobs

Plus, you don’t have colleagues sitting all around you to serve as positive peer pressure to keep working or to provide a sense of camaraderie that keeps you going. So hiring managers will want some assurance that you’ve got a grasp on how to remote interview meaning push through the inherent distractions and distance of remote work. Make sure you’re connected to the 5G version for your video interview call. All you have to do is go to your WiFi settings and verify which network you are connecting to.

what is a remote interview

To hire talented candidates, you need to have an interview process. Start with the basics as stated above, create the job description, and yes, post it everywhere you can think of. But also, instead of waiting for the magic to happen, start recruiting. Most people are aware of this type of interview because it is essentially an in-person interview conducted in a remote environment. Employers are leveraging interviews—specifically virtual interviews—to conduct more screening for each of their open positions than they did before the pandemic. In fact, some of my clients have had to pass five rounds of virtual interviews to secure a job offer!

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Be sure to tailor it for each interview and include interesting and/or actionable references from the interview. Prepare for questions that delve into how you have solved conflicts and problems in a remote setting, managed competing priorities, and received and relayed feedback virtually. Also, be ready to discuss how you are productive and successful in a remote setting, and mention any past remote work experience and achievements as proof points. Before you even start your interview, it is critical you make time for proper research and preparation to set yourself up for success.

what is a remote interview

Try to have a quieter place for the interview as it adds to your image formation in the interviewer’s eyes. It will look highly unprofessional if your kids make a racket in the background or if the TV is on. One of the best things about a remote interview is that you can bring anything into the remote interview without seeing it. You can keep notes nearby to glance at when you want to back up your arguments with facts. Practice interviews with a friend to familiarize yourself with the application and body language of speaking with a face on the screen. According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study, only 19% of Americans have tried video calls or video chat online or on mobile.

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If you have a spouse or other family members, send them out for some errands. Whatever you do, you’ll want to eliminate any distractions for a few hours so you can prepare for and complete the online interview. Even though you aren’t meeting in person, don’t make the mistake of showing up unprepared. EEO laws require that all job candidates receive the same questions during the interview.

what is a remote interview

Go beyond the job description and read up on the company and the role. Ultimately, remember that job searching and interviewing is a numbers game. You may be the one being interviewed, but it’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions of the interviewer. Asking the right questions can really demonstrate your interest in the role.

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It’s important to leave the candidate enough time to ask you additional questions. They shouldn’t leave the interview feeling like they have a long list of pressing questions they didn’t get to ask you. No matter how much you prepare, a video tool can break, and your call can fizzle out into the electronic ether. A great virtual interview should have a lot of the same ingredients as an in-person one! Your post-interview communication is a critical factor that impacts your company’s brand.

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